dolly varden “for a while” available jan 21, 2013

We’ve just finished mixing and mastering the new dolly varden album, “for a while”. 12 new songs! The album officially comes out January 21, 2013. We’ll be celebrating finishing the album with a concert at SPACE in Evanston, IL on Saturday, October 6th, and we’ll have CD’s available for sale at the show – but it won’t be available through regular retail outlets (itunes, amazon, etc) until Jan 21, 2013. We WILL be making pre-release sales of the CD available exclusively to folks on our mailing list starting in October, so if you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the album before the end of the year,  sign up on the mailing list and we’ll get you the details soon. (you can sign up right here on this page – up there in the top right corner!) We’re very excited to share this new music with you!

Album # 6

I’m doing the final mixes for our 6th album this week. Mastering on the 19th. We’re all really looking forward to sharing these new songs and recordings with the world. We’re thinking of having this be our self-titled album: Dolly Varden. We decided to push the official worldwide  release of the album back to January, 2013, so we could properly promote it. BUT, we will be having a big celebration concert in October at SPACE and we will have copies of the CD’s for sale at that show. It won’t be available any other way (digital download or mail order) until January – so if you want a copy before the end of the year you gotta come to the show! The show will be at SPACE in Evanston on Saturday, October 6th, with the great Nora O’Connor playing the first set. Advance tickets go on sale Saturday, July 14 at 11am. We think this one will sell out, so advance tickets are highly recommended!

Summer 2012

We’re in the final stages of finishing our 6th album. We’ll be recording and mixing all through June and then it’s off to the presses. The official release date is Tuesday, October 2nd, with a big celebration concert at SPACE in Evanston on Saturday, October 6th. Advance tickets (highly recommended) for that show will go on sale soon. We’ll also be playing at the Andersonville Midsommerfest on Saturday, June 9th at 6pm. That’s at Clark and Foster in Chicago. We’re starting to make plans to do some touring through the end of 2012 and into 2013. Details on that as they arrive at Dolly Varden headquarters.


April 23rd – preview songs from the upcoming Dolly Varden album at Schubas

Yup, we’re going to play the songs we’ve been working on in the studio live at Schubas on Monday, April 23rd.  A few of the new songs have found their way into recent set lists, but this will be the first time many of them have been performed in public. We’ll throw in a few familiar ones, too – don’t worry. Opening the show will be singer / songwriter  ellen cherry, from Baltimore. She has a beautiful new EP out and I’ll join her to sing a few songs we’ve written together – more new songs that haven’t yet been released! Advance tickets are on sale now at Hope to see you there!!!


Mouthful of Lies is officially re-issued today, January 24, 2012!!
Available exclusively from Bandcamp.

pre-order Mouthful of Lies now!

Mouthful of Lies, our long out-of-print debut album from 1995, has been remixed and remastered and will be re-issued on Jan 24th, 2012. You can pre-order it NOW exclusively at Bandcamp, either as a download, or a CD with a digital download.

We celebrate the re-release with a big show at Schubas on Jan 28th. Get your tickets now!

Check it out… here’s the original audio from “Not Ashamed” from the 1995 CD version of ‘Mouthful of Lies’:
Not Ashamed (1995 original version) by stevedawson

and here’s the newly remixed and remastered 2011 version:
Not Ashamed (2012 remastered version) by stevedawson

coming soon








Re-issue of our debut album, “moutful of lies”. Re-mixed and remastered
from the original 4-track cassette tapes! Re-release celebration concert
Saturday, January 28th at Schubas, with Jason Narducy as special guest.

The Tiniest Fly

Diane’s new paintings are currently on exhibition at Kasia Kay Art Projects
in Chicago. The show runs through November 26. She also has this new
animation, Animation # 4. It features a song written by our brilliant friend
Tom Recht called “The Tiniest Fly”. I played and performed the music and
Diane sang the song.