A new album begins and “Mouthful of Lies” to be re-issued

We’re about 6 songs into a new Dolly Varden album and it’s going very well. We’re tracking at my studio in Chicago, Kernel Sound Emporium, which is also Diane’s art studio. Back in 1995 we recorded Mouthful of Lies here, and most of The Thrill of Gravity, too, in 1996 – 97. Plans are underway for us to re-issue Mouthful of Lies in early 2012. We still have the original 4-track cassette masters and we’re loading them into the pro tools and updating the mixes. The tapes still sound good and with the updated digital remastering it will be quite nice. We’ve scheduled a re-issue release party show at Schubas for Saturday, January 28, 2012. We’ll play Mouthful of Lies start to finish, then we’ll do a second set of new stuff and a few faves. I’m not sure when the new album, yet to be titled, will be out, but most likely March or April of 2012. Check back here for updates. -Steve

photo by Jeremy Lawson
Welcome to the new and improved home for Dolly Varden. The band is currently
writing and arranging new songs and will begin recording a new album in May, to
be released (hopefully) before the end of the year. Have a look around. We’ll be
adding stuff to the website quite a bit over the next few weeks.
Thanks for stopping by!